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Still Life


I believe that art has the power to give us a sense of belonging, and for a short moment it is capable of captivating us completely. Since our earliest ancestors left their marks on the cave walls we have endeavoured to record our experiences, and asked what is our place in the grand theater of life? To create beautiful, meaningful art, we should respect the past and relish the present, so we are able to  create art that can inspire future generations and continue our unending journey in search of truth and beauty.

I am a young artist born in 1989, from a small town in Nottinghamshire, England. I have studied art extensively throughout my life in a variety of disciplines from graphic design to contemporary fine arts and most recently by studying the techniques and methods of the old masters in my academic training.

I hope that you enjoy looking at my work. It is my goal to find a balance between the expression of my inner world and my knowledge of craft to bring each indivdual artwork to life through its material qualities.

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Classical Training

I recently taught and graduated from  Barcelona Academy of Art. A school focused on methodologies and techniques dating from the renaissance period up until the 19th century, whilst encouraging contemporary values and exploration.

Study With Me

I work with schools, museums and students internationally both in person and online. I offer workshops and classes with individuals and groups. I am dedicated to teaching to the best of my knowledge so that students may take away skills and techniques that will increase the quality of their artworks.


Whether you want a portrait painted, a drawing of a loved one, a still life for your living room, or even an image from your imagination you wish to bring to life...we can work together to create an affordable work of art that you can cherish forever.

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